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Relocating to Boston For Students And Professionals

Every year students and professionals from around the country and world come to Boston to live, study and work.  We know this can be a daunting experience and much of your searching must be done from afar.  Our agents will work with you to find the right location and apartment to suit your needs.

If a trip to Boston is not practical or possible we will meet with a friend, relative or colleague you trust or send photos or a video tour of specific apartments available for rent. If you are moving into a roommate situation, we will put you in touch with your roommates so you can get to know each other.   Our goal is to make you comfortable with the process.

Most apartments will require a deposit of first month’s rent, last month’s rent and a security deposit equal to 3 times the monthly rent.   Many apartments also require a realtor fee which is usually the equivalent of one month’s rent.   So for example, if your apartment is $1000 per month you would need to pay first month’s rent of $1000, last month’s rent of $1000, a security deposit of $1000 and a realtor fee of $1000.  The total would be $4000.  The good news is that the first and last month’s rent pay your rent in advance and the security deposit is refunded at the end of your lease term as long as all of your rent has been paid and there is no damage to the apartment.

Once you have found an apartment, you will need to fill out an application and submit it for approval by the landlord.

If you are an international student or are here working you will need to provide a copy of your I-20 or    J-1, a copy of your visa or passport and any relevant documents from your school or place of work.  Some landlords will require a co-signor from the United States to guarantee your lease but not all.  When all of the paperwork and funds have been received you will sign a lease for the apartment. Be sure to discuss these details with your realtor.




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